Our RESET RUN is scheduled for September 23rd, 2017

We were presented with the opportunity to partner with Bass Pro and The Panther Run to create a 5K Race Series starting in the Fall of 2018. To make it work we needed to move our race from May to September. Rather than wait 17 months to have the next race we decided to host another run this September. We are calling this race the OneSolePurpose Reset Run. It will be much like our normal race event except it is the second race this year and we hope to provide some different promotional items for those who run with us. We are still running to provide shoes for kids too and that is the best reason to join us again!

Race will be the same course as in the past and starts at 8:00am at High Street Baptist Church. There are two registration options this go around. You can pay the regular price and get the cool shirt. (Rumor has it they may be long sleeved this race.) Or… you can pay a discounted price and skip getting the shirt.

If you ran with us in May of this year and run the Rest Race we will have a special gift for you. You must indicate on your registration you ran in May. If you do not mark the box you won’t get the special prize. Just a friendly warning. 


Packet pickup is Friday September 22nd from 10am-6pm and Saturday September 23rd from 6:30am-7:30am at High Street Baptist Church. We encourage everyone to try and pick up on Friday. 

Different payment options available for runners:

  • Two pricing options for registering. You can forgo getting a shirt and pay a discounted price or pay the normal price and get the shirt. Pick wisely.
  • NOTE: The 1-mile fun walk starts at High Street, goes south to Chestnut Exp and then back to the church.

This race offers the following:

  • Accurate course distances
  • Challenging courses in scenic Eastern part of Springfield. Courses are well-marked, with volunteers
  • Aid-Stations and Port-A-Potties along 5K/10K Routes
  • Post run water and snacks for runners
  • Awards for top three finishers in the following age divisions:
    • 14 and under
    • 15-19
    • 20-29
    • 30-39
    • 40-49
    • 50-59
    • 60-69
    • 70 and up
  • Trophy and prizes for top female and male finishers for both the 5K and 10K & Master's Division (40+)
  • The team with the most paid participants will receive a trophy and a prize for every member of the team. Team members must consist of at least 75% runners. Be sure to fill in the team section of the registration form if you are participating on a team.

Want to donate to OneSolePurpose or sponsor the 5K/10K Run? Click the link below to donate now