We partner with individuals, churches, and businesses to provide new shoes to the nearly 6000 children in Springfield Public Schools Title I elementary programs. By encouraging the adoption of a single child, classroom, grade, hall, or entire school, we are raising funds to meet the need for our fall 2014 delivery day.

OneSolePurpose is a partnership with High Street Baptist Church, Springfield, MO who has allowed us to operate under their non-profit status. By donating to OneSolePurpose you will ensure funds are available for completing our mission of restoring hope and God-given dignity by providing basic necessities to those currently in need.

Because of our generous benefactors and being graciously underwritten by High Street Baptist Church, who allows us to operate under their non‐profit status, OneSolePurpose is able to use nearly 100% of all donations for the purchase of shoes.

Fill out the form below to donate now to OneSolePurpose.

Or send a donation to 1325 W Sunshine, Box 125 • Springfield, MO 65807